The Storyteller Coffee


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  • Freshly picked beans are flown directly to us and freshly roasted to create a vibrant, intense flavor. 
  • Choose from whole bean or select a grind size.
  • Rich, chocolatey flavor with notes of grape. Medium acidity. 
  • A combination of traditional Caturra and Castillo beans originating within a 6-mile radius of Belen de Umbria in Risaralda.
  • Product of a co-op of 20 family-run coffee farms, sustainably cultivated and picked with care. 




Taste the essence of Columbia when you sip this remarkable coffee. Our Columbia Yaruma is responsibly sourced from 20 family-run farms within a six-mile radius of Belen de Umbria. Beans are cultivated with care, picked at the height of ripeness, and transported to us by air so we can freshly roast them to capture their ideal flavor. The result is an intensely rich, well-balanced flavor of chocolate with hints of grape and medium acidity. Taste the difference freshness makes and try Storyteller Columbia Yaruma today!