Sumatra Coffee : Origins

Sumatra Coffee


It’s so easy to get caught up in boring routines, but switching up the small things can make a big difference in upping the excitement in your everyday life. A morning cup of coffee will always keep you caffeinated and ready to go, but a low acid cup full of rich history and powerful flavor can set the tone for an exciting day!

There’s a reason that Indonesia is one of the biggest producers of this beloved drink in the world. You’ll find that the beans and grinds produced there are among the most flavorful you’ve ever tasted. Grown in a region with dozens of different languages, cultures, and traditions, these beans are as rich as the communities that produce them.

Located in the culturally and ecologically diverse country of Indonesia, Sumatra is one of the world’s major java producers. Since it is situated in the volcanic ash of the Barisan Mountains, right on the equator, this island has the ideal ecological conditions to sustainably produce your ideal cup. The region is full of the wonders of biodiversity, from mountains to rainforests to the beautiful Lake Takengon, and coffee-bean production is one of the least disruptive industries that can be found in these ecosystems. It’s no wonder that the beans produced here have such a rich taste, combining earthy notes of cedar and cloves with molasses, dried fruit, and more traditional chocolate and nuts for a flavor that will grab your attention and turn your Monday morning around.

Your morning cup comes with a rich history to match its flavor. This now-popular drink arrived in Indonesia in the 1600s via the Dutch East India Company but did not reach Sumatra until the 1800s. The Barisan Mountains of Aceh, a semi-autonomous Islamic region in the west of the island, now have perfect soil for cultivation. Organizations around Aceh’s coffee industry grew after the violence of its incorporation into Indonesia ended, so every cup is a product of peace.

This drink comes from Koperasi Buana Mandiri, the sustainable cooperative in the Bener Meriah mountains. To fairly support the economic and environmental communities that provide each of your low acid cups, Koperasi Buana Mandiri has been certified Fair Trade organic since 2015. Cash and bulk farm tools are distributed to members of this co-op as a Fair-Trade premium, so every cup you drink goes towards giving back.

Along with a commitment to sustainability comes a commitment to quality. These beans and grounds are always clean, uniform, and well-sorted, so you will find that every drink is rich-tasting and powerful, not to mention its low acid content that will leave you feeling great!

If you’re looking to spice up your morning routine, choices and variety are essential. Sumatran coffee comes from a diverse range of trees that produce delicious whole bean and cross-blends. Common varieties include Rasuna, Gayo, and Tim Tim, with cross-blends such as Caturra. In addition to flavor and bean variety, grind size is essential to your ideal cup. You can never go wrong with a whole bean blend, but you can also select from coarse, medium, and fine grinds to make it easy to prepare your favorite drink! These grinds are perfect for making powerful French Presses, cold brews, drips, and espressos.

With a beautiful location and history that is as rich as the soil, it’s no wonder that Sumatra produces such a strong flavor. The complexity of its notes and blends are sure to transport you far outside your morning routine, helping you start out your day with something that never feels ordinary.