Iced Coffee: Cafe Style Iced Coffee [ GUIDE]

As temperatures start to rise, it comes the time to switch our morning cup of hot coffee for a nice cool glass of iced coffee. Delicious and refreshing, it is undoubtedly the perfect drink to start off a hot Summer day (or to pick you up in the afternoon).

However, going to a coffee shop every single day to get your iced coffee isn’t exactly a budget-friendly option.

Good news!

Making iced coffee at home really is easy and delicious!

The great thing about homemade iced coffee is how quickly you can make it, particularly when compared to other similar beverages.

For instance, cold brew is made where coffee is steeped in cold water over a given time, typically 12-24 hours. Iced coffee, as you’ll soon see, is coffee made hot and poured over ice.

What You’ll Need

  • Tall glass

  • Spoon that will reach the bottom of your glass

  • Chilled or room-temp. black coffee

  • Ice

  • Your choice of milk

  • Cream (optional)

  • Sweeter (optional)

How to Make Iced Coffee

The following steps will give you a delicious iced coffee every time! The best part about this recipe is that you can play with it and make it all your own. Want to add flavors? Go for it! What a stronger taste? Do it! Want to skip the coffee all togheter and have an ice cold glass of almond milk? We’re here for it!

Iced coffee is all about getting something that YOU love and this recipe will get you started.

Let’s get started on your perfect iced coffee!

Step 1: Brew your coffee.

  • Whether your brewing in a French Press, pourover, automatic, or anything, just make your coffee as usual.

  • Pro-Tip: To prevent your iced coffee from tasting watered down, try brewing a bit stronger than normal. You can achieve the optimal coffee for an iced drink by adding one more tablespoon of coffee per cup of water.

Step 2: Prepare your glass.

  • Get whatever glass you like, make sure it looks good for Instagram because, trust me, you will be taking a picture of this masterpiece.

  • Fill is with as much ice as you like. Take your time doing this because your coffee that you just brewed will need to cool down.

Step 3: Pour coffee into your glass.

  • Your coffee should be chilled, cool, or at least room-temp. If it is hot, science happens and you ice will melt resulting in watered down hot coffee.

  • Keep in mind that milk will be added so don’t fill your glass with just coffee.

Step 4: Add your milk of choice.

  • How much milk and what type of milk you use is up to you!

  • Typically coffee shops will use 1/3rd coffee and 2/3rds milk for their iced coffee drinks. The proportion is up to you and what your tastebuds enjoy!

Step 5 (optional): Add any flavors or sugars.

  • This is where you can experiment and try new flavors or tastes. Adding sugar or flavoring is not required and completely up to you.

Step 6 (required): Enjoy!


Iced Coffee Hack: Use any extra coffee that you have and pour it into an ice cube tray. Freeze coffee cubes and use them in your iced coffee for lasting flavor.


Iced coffee is a fantastic drink for those who can’t live without their daily dose of caffeine and even for those who don’t love the taste of coffee, as the ice and milk end up softening that strong flavor.


If you get bored of the same drink every day, remember you can always mix things up a bit, by adding some cinnamon or caramel, or even by turning the iced coffee into popsicles!