Automatic or Manual Coffeemaker? Top 3 Factors to Help You Decide

How often do you go to a fancy cafe to get that one perfect cup of coffee?

How much money could you save if you stopped?

It's probably a lot. But honestly, you're not to blame. Most days, the buzz is a must-have.  

But, what if there was a way for you to make that same coffee at home?

Double the flavor for half the cost.

It's easy, all you have to do is find an at-home brewing method that works best for you.

When it comes to the world of coffee you have two main options: pourover brewing and automatic brewing.

Pourover Brewing

Pourover brewing is making coffee manually.

Coffee lovers across the globe love manual brewing because it is simple and affordable.

Most of the coffee you buy in fancy cafes is made this way. The human effort and care is what gives it that high price tag. But you can just as easily replicate the process brewing at home.

Do it right and you can have that perfect cafe quality cup in no time!

Automatic Brewing

If you could get a nice, steaming hot cup of coffee within minutes of waking up, with no effort on your part, why wouldn’t you?

Automatic brewing is typically the first method that people will try when beginning to drink coffee. Cafes and restaurants use it, and now, so do most people in the comfort of their own kitchens, but now we have equipment that can control:

Water Temperature

Brew Time


These are the 2 main factors you want to control when trying to make cafe-style coffee at home.


Most people choose Drip coffee machines for one main reason:

It's quick.

With a 40+ work week, you can't wait around on your coffee to finish brewing.

You need it now.

With this method, all you need to do is put in water and coffee beans in the machine. Turn it on, and you will have your coffee ready in no time.

Choosing Between Pourover or Automatic Brewing

Reasons to choose between an Automatic Coffeemaker or a Manual Pourover.

Let’s go through the 3 main reasons you would choose and which device I would choose and why:

1.   Flavor -Pourover

I chose pourover simply because you can control EVERY variable in the coffee brewing process, specifically, water temperature and brew speed.

Water Temperature: You ultimately want to be able to control your brewing temperature between 195-205.

Brew Speed: Being able to control your brew speed is a must. For 2-3 cup brews, try to keep your total brew time between 3:00-4:00, the sweet spot can vary between coffees.

While some automatic brewing machines are able to give you this control, I just don’t see anything beating a pourover, but with every new device, I can see them getting closer everyday.

**Try this if you have an automatic brewer at home to get more flavor**

However much coffee your brewer can make in 5 minutes, is the most you brew. The longer you brew for, the more astringent, bitter, and muddled flavor you will bring to your coffee.


2.   Convenience- Automatic

Brewing in automatic brewer is much more convenient when you are on the go. Most pourover methods will require more setup time and thus I give it to the automatic machines.

3.   Cost - Both

Ok, clearly ends on a tie, but I want to compare apples to apples as not all coffeemakers are created equal. When comparing a automatic brewer to a manual pourover, I just want the automatic brew to be able to: control water temp